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Day and Night Free kindergarten theme and/or free preschool theme English monthly theme calendar with free printable flashcards, templates and worksheets for children of all ages.

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Week 1 Monday

Introduce the difference between day and night and draw a day and night picture.

Flashcard - 1
The Difference between Night and Day.
Flashcard - 2
Which of these can you do during the day. Eat breakfast and lunch, Go to school, Play in the park, Go to work and Swim.
Flashcard - 3
Weather Discussion. What can the weather be like during the day or at night?
Week 1 Tuesday

Discuss the Sun and make a Sun or do a worksheet.

Flashcard - 4
The Sun. The Sun is a star that gives us heat. The sun is shining. You are my sunshine. Put on your sunglasses if the sunlight is too bright. The suns rays or Sunbeams. It's a sunny day. Put on some sunblock to stop sunburn.
Flashcard - 5
Sunrise and Sunset. We wake up at sunrise. We go to bed after sunset.
Week 1 Wednesday

Do sunlight science activities.
Week 1 Thursday

Discuss what you do each morning when you wake-up. Do creative writing or games and activities.

Flashcard - 6
It's time to wake up. You get dressed and brush your hair. You eat your breakfast and brush your teeth then you go to school.
Week 1 Friday

Discuss different occupations and what time people work.
Flashcard - 7
When do these people work? Cashier, Bank teller, Construction worker, Postman and Firefighter.
Flashcard - 8
When do these people work? Milkman, Pilot, Nurse, Gardener and Policeman.
Week 2 Monday

Discuss activities you would do at night and complete the creative writing worksheet.

Flashcard - 9
What can you do at night? Can you Eat dinner, Watch television, Go dancing, Sleep and Brush your teeth.
Week 2 Tuesday

Introduce the stars. Make little stars, play games or do the creative writing worksheet.

Flashcard - 10
A Star is a glowing ball of gas. The star is shining bright. I saw a shooting star. Look at the twinkling star.
Week 2 Wednesday

Introduce constellations and the Milky Way Galaxy. Make a constellation or a galaxy.

Flashcard - 11
The Milky Way Galaxy
Flashcard - 12
Star Constellations
Week 2 Thursday

Introduce midnight and mid-day and do an art project.

Flashcard - 13
A Midday and Midnight Clock.
Week 2 Friday

Have a Pajama Party! Play some games and read a bedtime story.
Week 3 Monday

Introduce the moon and make a moon crown.

Flashcard - 14
Phases of the Moon. Full moon. Half moon. Crescent moon. New moon.
Week 3 Tuesday

Discuss the surface of the moon. Do a craft project or a creative writing worksheet.
Week 3 Wednesday

Discuss nocturnal animals.

Flashcard - 15
Nocturnal Animals. These animals are active at night. Cat, Bat, Owl, Moth, Firefly and Mouse.
Week 3 Thursday

Play a nocturnal game and make a nocturnal animal.
Week 3 Friday

Story Time. Read a story about the moon and discuss what you have learned about the moon.
Week 4 Monday

Days of the week. Discuss the days of the week, play some games and make a class diary.

Flashcard - 16
Days of the week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Flashcard - 17
Days of the week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Flashcard - 18
Day of the week Sunday.
Week 4 Tuesday

Months of the year. Discuss how the seasons change and the special things you do each month.

Flashcard - 19
Summer and Fall.
Flashcard - 20
Winter and Spring.
Flashcard - 21
Months of the year January February and March
Flashcard - 22
Months of the year April, May and June
Flashcard - 23
Months of the year July August and September
Flashcard - 24
Months of the year October November and December
Week 4 Wednesday

Discuss how you grow as days pass by and do a creative writing worksheet.

Flashcard - 25
The stages of How I grow. When you are born you are a Baby then a Toddler then a Child then a Teenager then an Adult and then an Elderly.
Week 4 Thursday

Discuss time and play ’What time is it?‘Flashcards review
Week 4 Friday

Discuss how to read time on a clock and make some clocks.

Flashcard - 26
Things that tell time. Grandfather clock, Clock, Alarm clock, Watch, Coo- coo clock and Stopwatch.

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