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My Body theme for kindergarten and preschool children.
Free printable English daily theme
Week 1 Friday.

Facts and Information

My Health

Use the flashcard and discuss health.
Our bodies need healthy food.
Healthy food keeps our bodies working.
Healthy food keeps our bodies healthy.
Healthy food helps our bodies grow.
Healthy food helps our mind (brain) grow.
Our bodies need to stay clean.
We need to wash our bodies every day.
We can bath or shower to clean our bodies.
We must use soap to wash our bodies.
Our bodies need rest.
When we rest our bodies grow.
We need to sleep at least 8 to 10 hours every day.
Our bodies need exercise.
We need to exercise every day.
Exercise keeps our bodies working.
Exercise keeps our bodies healthy.
Exercise helps our bodies grow.
Exercise helps our mind (brain) grow.

Games and Activities

Teacher Says

What do you need?

Your body.

How do you do it?

Ask all the students to stand up.
Tell the students that when you say, “Teacher says…….” they must be ready to do an action as indicated by the words that will follow.
Tell the students that the actions that they will have to do will be related to touching parts of their bodies or doing actions with parts of their bodies.
Tell the students that if they touch the incorrect body part they will be asked to sit down and wait for the next round.
Examples of what is to follow are, “Teacher says touch your head; Touch your legs; Bend your knees; Clap your hands; Kick your legs."
Start playing the game.
First start at a slow pace and gradually increase the pace.
Also, to make it more complicated, start the instruction given to the students with something other than teacher says, ex: “Tommy says…….” or “Sally says…….”
If another name is used to give the instruction, and the students react with an action, they must sit down and wait for the next round

Body Drawing Game

What do you need?

A whiteboard.
Whiteboard markers (various colors).
A whiteboard eraser.
Number flashcards (numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4).

How do you do it?

Use the flashcards and review the different body parts.
Divide the class into small teams of 4 students.
On the whiteboard draw an oval body and a round face without any limbs and features for every group of students.
Select a group and ask a student in the group a question related to the body.
Once the student answers the question correctly the student can select a number flashcard.
Make sure the number flashcards are turned facing down so not to show the number.
According to the number on the drawn flashcard the student may now draw a body part/s on the specific body belonging to their group.
A number 1 signals that only 1 body part of a kind may be drawn.
A number 2 signals that 2 body parts of a kind may be drawn.
A number 3 signals that 3 body parts of a kind may be drawn.
A number 4 signals that 4 body parts of a kind may be drawn.
If a team can not draw, it is the turn of the next team.
The winning team is the first team to complete a whole body with all the following body parts - 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet with 10 toes, 2 hands with 10 fingers.

Arts and Crafts

Life-Size Body Collage

What do you need?

Big sheets of brown paper.
Markers (black).
Paint (various colors).
Scrap paper.
Miscellaneous things.

How do you make it?

Ask the students to form pairs.
One student lies down on the big sheet of brown paper.
The other student traces the outline of the other student’s body with a black marker.
All the students now decorate the life-size body to make a collage
Use different colors of paint to add color.
Use pieces of scrap paper.
Use as many miscellaneous things as possible.
Allow the students to be creative and use their imagination when decorating.

Creative Writing and Worksheets


Which Body Part?

What do you need?

Copies of the worksheet.
A whiteboard.
Whiteboard markers (various colors).
A whiteboard eraser.
Pencils or pens.

How do you do it?

Write the following words on the whiteboard: Eyes, mouth, nose, ears, arms and legs.
Point to the words and read and say the words to the students.
Review the words with the students.
Now, point to the words and ask the students to read and say the words.
Go to the worksheet.
Look at each activity with the students.
Ask the students which body parts are used to do which activities.
Select the words on the whiteboard to fit with the specific activities.
Write down the words next to the specific activities.
Help the students with the spelling of the words.

Which body part did you use? - Worksheet
View the actual Worksheet before Printing

Which body part did you use?

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